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The Struggle

I talk to women every week who tell me they just can’t seem to get motivated to take action on goals that they know deep down in their heart, they feel compelled to achieve. And I hear the same story time and time again, that they feel like they are letting themselves down and not living up to their standards and their true potential. 

Put Yourself First


Because of this struggle, I felt obligated to create the Success on Purpose 90 Day Life Coaching Experience to fill the gap for women that were ready to put themselves first in their lives, maybe for the first time in a long time.

But it is more than just putting yourself first; Success on Purpose is the ultimate solution because it takes life coaching to the level of peak performance, by taping into what is important to you and what truly inspires and motivates you.

What's Missing

What most people miss is they think they can watch a motivational video or read a social media meme and that will get them fired up enough to make the tough decisions. But information is not the same as taking action. You can know what to do, and still not do it.

Other life coaches don’t understand the importance of peak performance and being truly self-inspired. They rely on their weekly pep talks to get their clients through to the next week.

But we know it doesn’t work that way. I don’t need to give you a pep talk, because I tap into your achievement motivation and use that as the catalyst to your success.  

success and happiness

The Solution

I am super excited to announce the Success on Purpose 90 Day Life Coaching Experience!

But I am only opening up a few spots. Since I split my time between coaching and being a therapist, I have to limit the clients I can take on in order to offer you, the best version of me.

So, take action today! Get yourself registered for one of my last spots for 2018, you will be glad you took advantage of this offer. More importantly, you are going to be pumped to be making yourself a priority again and living a life that inspires you and makes you feel proud.

About Your Coach

Hi, I am Nancy Georges, I am a psychotherapist and a peak performance coach. In the Success on Purpose 90 Day Life Coaching Experience, I combine my tools and resources in sport psychology, with the same compassionate, yet goal focused energy I bring to my therapy sessions. But make no mistake about it, Success on Purpose is not therapy, it is a results driven coaching program with the aim of aligning your vision and values with laser focused goal setting.  

laser focus

Here's How it Works:

Step 1: Clarify Your Vision

Stay true to your vision

Any goal worth striving for starts with a vision. Together we will get clarity on that big picture. In sport psychology we like to call it your “WHY” This is your reason that will make all that you strive for worth the effort, and it will make the process of taking action much more motivating.  Here are some of the areas we will clarify.

  • Life Values Clarification
  • Character Strengths Evaluation
  • Peak Performance Factor Wheel

Step 2: Clarify Your Goals

write your goals down

One of the most effective ways to enhance performance is by having clear goals. Short, medium and long term goals, help make the process of taking action effortless. 

  • Well Formed Outcome Worksheet
  • Setting short, medium and long term goals
  • Outcome, process and performance goals grid
  • Creating an effective action plan for maximum goal achievement

Step 3: Your Action Journey

take action

Our journey together will be a constant process of taking action and providing feedback regarding action steps. Monitoring the action path along the way helps us to modify the game plan on a weekly basis.

  • Weekly one hour strategy sessions
  • Unlimited text messaging accountability 
  • Weekly Success Assignments 
  • Meditation and mindfulness tools 

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